6 Ea. Sikorsky S-76C Helicopters & Associated Spares (IRG-17-092)

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Please contact Kevin Graham at 281-944-4222 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a viewing.

Please note: This listing is subject to prior sale. 

Preference given to buyer taking all six aircraft and parts. 

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CAD 0.00CAD 101.00CAD 5.00
CAD 101.01CAD 1,000.00CAD 10.00
CAD 1,000.01CAD 5,000.00CAD 50.00
CAD 5,000.01CAD 50,000.00CAD 100.00
CAD 50,000.01CAD 100,000.00CAD 500.00
CAD 100,000.01CAD 100,000,000.00CAD 1,000.00