Various Used AV Equipment (IRG-21-228)

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Please contact Ashley Atkinson at 281-944-4245 or Kevin Graham at 281-944-4222 if you have any questions about the listing. 

Equipment will be shrink wrapped on pallets, any further packaging will be the responsibility of the buyer. The site will not provide any additional packaging.  Buyer is responsible for loading, load securement and transportation.

Equipment needs to be removed no later than December 15, 2021.

CAD 0.00CAD 101.00CAD 5.00
CAD 101.01CAD 1,000.00CAD 10.00
CAD 1,000.01CAD 5,000.00CAD 50.00
CAD 5,000.01CAD 50,000.00CAD 100.00
CAD 50,000.01CAD 100,000.00CAD 500.00
CAD 100,000.01CAD 100,000,000.00CAD 1,000.00