Red Band Tubing, Corod, and Polish Rods (IRG-22-106)

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Please contact Kevin Graham at 281-944-4222 if you have any questions.

If material will be exported, buyer is responsible for completing all required customs documentation.

Seller will load at no cost to buyer. Buyer responsible for transport and associated fees.  Refer to the "Terms & Conditions" tab for Load Out Requirements and General Site Safety.

Payment due within 3 business days of award. Material must be removed no later than 5 business days after release.

CAD 0.00CAD 101.00CAD 5.00
CAD 101.01CAD 1,000.00CAD 10.00
CAD 1,000.01CAD 5,000.00CAD 50.00
CAD 5,000.01CAD 50,000.00CAD 100.00
CAD 50,000.01CAD 100,000.00CAD 500.00
CAD 100,000.01CAD 100,000,000.00CAD 1,000.00