Red Band Tubing and Casing (MMR-23-0023)

Bidding Now! - ends Wed, Feb 1 at 02:00:00 pm

Please contact Michael Beith at 661-535-9979 or Lauren Wigington at 281-944-4244 if you have any questions. Contact Michael 24 hours in advance to make arrangements to view the material.

Site will load material onto buyer's transport at buyer's expense. Buyer is responsible for transportation and securing loads.

Load out Costs/Info: TUBING: $15.00 per ton CASING: $360.00 per load. If buyer wants to tally out casing it will be an extra $11.00 per ton. Load-out charges to be paid via certified check or company check payable to Petros Tubular Services before picking up any tubing or casing. Buyer has 30 days starting from the day of release to complete load out. Storage fees will apply to any materials left after 30 days and will be charged for the entire month. Storage feeds are $600.00 per month, per rack.

Insurance requirements are on Attachment A, included with the Downloadable Bid Sheet, and must be met for bid offer to be considered.


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$ 101.01$ 1,000.00$ 10.00
$ 1,000.01$ 5,000.00$ 50.00
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$ 50,000.01$ 100,000.00$ 500.00
$ 100,000.01$ 100,000,000.00$ 1,000.00