Vancouver Area Scrap Bin Service

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Please contact Ashley Atkinson at 281-944-4245 or Kevin Graham at 281-944-4222 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a viewing. Please note you must call site contact 24 hours in advance to make arrangements to view material. 

Location/AMM Index

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada/Los Angeles AMM Index

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada/Los Angeles AMM Index


The Contractor is required to separate and report any "no value" materials and non ferrous material found present in any shipment. 

The Contractor will report the associated "no value" weight and non ferrous content grade and weight on the receiving gross-tare-net weight ticket to be furnished by the Contractor. Any individual grade type of nonferrous in accumulated weight of less than 100 pounds will not require separation and reporting as part of the contract. 

This bid is for a three year contract: January 2018 - January 2021. Please place your bid in USD, as pricing is based on the Los Angeles AMM Index. 

$ 0.00$ 101.00$ 5.00
$ 101.01$ 1,000.00$ 10.00
$ 1,000.01$ 5,000.00$ 50.00
$ 5,000.01$ 50,000.00$ 100.00
$ 50,000.01$ 100,000.00$ 500.00
$ 100,000.01$ 100,000,000.00$ 1,000.00