10,000 KVA Used Transformer (GEHA-17-014)

All items closed

There won't be a pre-scheduled walk-through for this material. Please contact Michael Beith at 661-535-9979 or Kay Landefeld at 281-944-4244 at least 24 hours in advance if you would like to schedule a viewing. 

Required PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment): Hard hat, long-sleeve and long-leg FRC's, steel-toe boots, gloves, and safety glasses with side shield.

Buyer to supply crane and forklift for transformer. Buyer responsible for transportation and securing loads. 

Important: Winning bidder(s) must be able to remove all inventory awarded to them within a 10-day timeframe after their award is issued. 

Insurance requirements are on the "Terms and Conditions" tab and must be met for bid offer to be considered.

$ 0.00$ 101.00$ 5.00
$ 101.01$ 1,000.00$ 10.00
$ 1,000.01$ 5,000.00$ 50.00
$ 5,000.01$ 50,000.00$ 100.00
$ 50,000.01$ 100,000.00$ 500.00
$ 100,000.01$ 100,000,000.00$ 1,000.00