KNS Debagging Line (IRG-19-167)

All items closed

Material is located in Singapore. Please contact Kevin Graham at +1 (281) 944-4222 or Kay Landefeld at +1 (281) 944-4244 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a viewing.

Preference is to sell entire unit to one buyer.  If desiring to bid on individual items, use the Downloadable Bid Sheet located on the "Documents" tab.

SGD 0.00SGD 101.00SGD 5.00
SGD 101.01SGD 1,000.00SGD 10.00
SGD 1,000.01SGD 5,000.00SGD 50.00
SGD 5,000.01SGD 50,000.00SGD 100.00
SGD 50,000.01SGD 100,000.00SGD 500.00
SGD 100,000.01SGD 100,000,000.00SGD 1,000.00